Monday, July 18, 2011

You Are Rich!

I sometimes cannot express in words the feelings I feel here in Cambodia! Happiness, Love, and Smiles.... I don't know... its overwhelming!
Today in my devotional was a couple verses from John 15 they say "Abide in my love... these things I have spoken to you that your joy may be full, Yes! Your joy will overflow! This is my command that you love one another as I have loved you." While I get to experience the amazing people, culture and love of the people of Cambodia I hope that through me they are experiencing God's love through my actions and my words. Cambodian people are naturally very generous, very gracious and very loving and a vast majority are not Christians. What a lesson I can learn from them.
When I was coming here I thought... I want to make
such a difference during my time in Cambodia and, not that I haven't, but this experience has challenged me so much more! It has caused me to remember my first love, Jesus. It has caused me to see the good in all people and situations. It has literally changed me! I hope and pray that I am reaching some of my kids lives, that I am being a light to the lost people here. But I thank God that through a land of poor and desolate people He could change a stubborn, easily swayed, sinner like me. I am BEYOND wealthy, not materialistically but in spirit. I am so rich to know the true love of my savior Jesus and the overflowing joy He brings. That is one thing this trip has taught me... and honestly if that is all, than that's good and that is why He sent me here.
I pray that Christians all over the world would wake up! Whether you are poor or wealthy or somewhere in between, realize that through God's love, blessings and glory you are RICH beyond measure. And d
on't forget to share it with those around you.
Smile, Say hello, go a little out of your way to strike up a conversation or help someone in need... believe me when I say it could change a life, b
e it someone else's or your very own!

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