Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cambodia... The Land of LOVELY people!

I made it to Cambodia! It is so crazy to think that I am in another country! I have already taken in a lot even within the 6 days of being here! It was a slightly overwhelming transition... mostly the heat! Please pray for me and that transition a little smoother! I went to observe the class I will be working with today and I am amazed at the students English ability!

Cambodia is a very interesting country. The people (at least the ones we have met) are extremely nice. Even today as I was riding my bike home a young man rode along side me and was telling me all about his education. He was asking me what I thought about Cambodia and the traffic. He had exceptional English and wanted to talk to me and practice his English. Also, our "Tuk Tuk" driver is a very kind man and he has very good English. He always makes sure we get to the places we need to go to! These are only a couple of the many examples of the kind of people that I have met in Cambodia!

Tomorrow (monday) I start teaching full time in the class! Be in prayer for that as the kids are very bright and will need to be challenged! I am excited to get the ball rolling though!

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